Club Constitution

     1. Name

    The club will be called WHELDRAKE WALKING CLUB

     2. Aims and objectives

    The aims and objectives of the club will be:     To facilitate the organisation of walks and social events for members and guests

    To encourage local residents to join the club

    To promote a duty of care amongst club members and to other parties including landowners and managers.

     3. Membership & Membership Fees

     All Club members must comply with this Constitution and pay a fee set annually at the AGM.

    Officers will be elected from club members at the AGM or EGM called for that purpose.

     4. Officers of the club

    The officers of the club will be:



     All officers will retire each year but will be eligible for re-appointment

     5.Standing Committee

    The club will be managed through the Standing Committee consisting of Chair, Secretary & Treasurer and will meet as necessary or discuss by 
    telephone or other medium actions required to pursue the interests of the Club & to arrange the AGM or EGM


    Any formal complaint made by a member about another member or any other matter will be considered by the Committee and 
      resolved or referred to the AGM or EGM.

    6. Finance

    All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.

     The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the club. 

    The financial year of the club will end on 31st October.

     An audited statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting. They will be audited by an independent person who can be a member of the Club but who cannot be a serving Committee member 
     Any cheques drawn against club funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer plus one of the two other officers.

     7. Annual General Meetings

    Notice of Annual General Meetings (AGM) will be given by the Club Secretary. Not less than 14 clear days notice to be given to all members.

     The AGM will receive a report from officers of the Management Committee and a statement of the audited accounts.

     Nominations for officers of the Management Committee will be sent to the Secretary prior to the AGM.

     Elections of officers are to take place at the AGM.

     All members have the right to vote at the AGM.

     The quorum for AGMs will be 25% of Membership.

     The Management Committee has the right to call Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) outside the AGM. Procedures for EGMs will be the same as for the AGM.

     8. Dissolution

    A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the membership.

     In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain will become the property of Wheldrake Recreation Association.

     9. Amendments to the constitution

    The constitution will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at an AGM or EGM.