Slip trip fall
Uneven ground
Stiles and steps

  Club members

 Walk leader advises terrain
stiles and steps on pre-walk
During walkleader advises on
potential hazards
Planned walk cancelled  or alternative
if bad weather has made planned
walk hazardous

 Injury requiring first aid and how
 Any other hazard not previously specified noted
 Walking on
or crossing
 Club members
Vehicle users
 Leader advises walkers
to cross road at safe location and to walk in single file facing oncoming traffic where practicable

 Injury requiring first aid to a walker and/or vehicle user and how caused  
 Wire fences- barbed electric, hidden  Club members  Leader points out the hazards and requests walkers follow an Indicated route

 Injury requiring first aid and how caused  Any other hazard not specified
 Bites and stings  Club members  Leader advises possible areas, Walkers cover up if risk of sheep ticks. Leader checks for anyone carrying Epi-pen.

 Bites and stings requiring first aid and/or use of Epi-pen  
 Livestock - Bulls,cows  and horses   Club members and horse riders  Leader makes walkewrs aware of livestock especially if dogs present.
Ridden horses are allowed to pass whilst walkers are clear and still
Field gates closed and fastened as found.

 Injury requiring first aid and any incidentthat results in distress tom a walker.
Note made whether horse rider was on a route permitted for horses
 Any other livestock which could be a hazard noted
 Mountain bikes  Club members and bike riders  Walkers have an awareness of bikers not giving audible warning of their approach  Injury requiring first aid.
Note made whether rider was on a route permitted for bikes

 Missing the Route  Club members  Leader ensures all walkers follow the route set by checking at appropriate intervals.
Head count at start and finish. Walker to inform leader if decides not to complete the walk or take another route
   Reason for a walker not following the set routeother than by choice