The Club exists to enable members and their guests to enjoy walking in the countryside as a social group.  Like any other activity there are identifiable risks to safety and health.  Although the liklihood of a significant injury or health related incident is very low in order to minimise risks to walkers and to others and to comply with the requirements of the Club Insurer a risk assessment has been made.

 Each Club member and guest who takes part in a  Club walk has a duty of care to safeguard their own safety and that of others including any persons not involved with the Club activity.  Guests should be made aware that they take part in the walking activity at their own risk and may not be covered by the Club Insurance Policy.

Each Club member should be made aware that if they decide to not complete the walk or to deviate to an alternative route they do so at their own risk and may not be covered by the Club Insurance Policy. 

 In order to cater for the worst case scenario on every walk organised by the Club the following must be carried by the Leader or other Group member:-

 1 A mobile telephone for use in an emergency.

 2 A first-aid kit with contents suitable for the treatment of injuries, stings etc

   identified in the risk assessment.

 3 A notebook kept with the first-aid kit to record and contain the details of:

 3.1  Any incident requiring first-aid treatment and the type of treatment given.

 3.2    The reason for and time of any requirement to call for Emergency Services.

 3.3  A list of walk leaders for the current year

 3.4  A list of members with their contact details

 3.5    Any hazard which is considered to be a significant risk to other walkers and  

       users for forwarding to the appropriate Local Authority Rights of Way Officer.